For adventurers, the idea of traveling across the whole country is a perfect one. It’s an opportunity to explore America and see things for themselves. However, many Americans are yet to visit a high percentage of States within the US because traveling can be time and money consuming. Besides, one needs a purpose for a travel trip, but for many, the purpose and drive simply don’t exist.

Going on a road trip over long distances through multiple States offers the benefit of discovering new facts about the country. You get to see the beautiful countryside and the chance to meet new people and discover new cultures within the States. Going on a road trip requires proper preparation and precautions against unforeseen circumstances. Aside from that, one is forced with the decision of choosing the best route. If you need to rent a car for the trip, you should read online reviews about rent a car brands on US-Reviews to know which car brands will be best for a long journey across America.

Which route saves money the most? Which route provides maximum comfort? Which route reduces the duration of the journey to the bare minimum? These are parameters one needs to put into consideration before embarking on a road trip across the US. They decide which route can be considered the best.

What one calls “the best route” is entirely relative. Some may decide to trade comfort for a shorter trip, while others may prioritize fewer expenses over comfort. It all boils down to what counts as your priority; time, money, or comfort.

Let’s take a look at which route allows you to travel across the country while stopping at cool places like museums, amusement parks, heritage sites, etc. Before that, let’s put to heart some essential road trip tips.


Observe The Weather:

Make use of the weather predictions app and local news weather forecasts. The golden rule is to never go against weather predictions. Make the necessary adjustment if any.

Never Hesitate to Ask For Directions:

Even though we live in the age of “Google Maps”, it’s always good to ask for directions from locals. You will be able to gain overview knowledge of the current conditions of roads in the locality and weigh your options well.

Pack Necessary Travel Equipment:

Take along with you, equipment such as flashlights, a spare tire, water, etc. If your intuition tells you to take a piece of equipment, don’t hesitate to.

Be Security Conscious:

Never let your guard down. Be conscious of your surroundings and be on alert to call the police if you sense trouble or something suspicious.


If your goal is to get to the opposite side of the map as soon as possible, then the Interstate 10 route is for you. It links Santa Monica, CA from the West end to Jacksonville, FL at the East end. Covering a total of 3,959.53km, Interstate 10 allows you to explore places like Saguaro National Park, Lunar Lander Exhibit, etc.


US Route 1 is the route to follow if you plan to travel from North to South and vice-versa. It covers a distance of 3,846 km and is parallel to the Eastern coastline of the United States.

The North end starts from Forth Kent, Maine, and travels Southward to Key West, Florida. The route connects 14 American States making it the longest-running North to South route in the USA.

Although other routes may exist, some cutting right through the center of the American map, eg a trip from Washington DC to Florida, but these two routes are your sure bet if you want to travel across America while saving money and still enjoying the thrill that comes with road trips.

Like I earlier said, the best route is completely relative. If you choose to go on a North to South trip from Chicago to Dallas, you can use Google Maps and Wikis to find the perfect routes to use or combine to get you down to Dallas. It all boils down to your priorities and personal tastes.