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Weird things that you should avoid wearing

at the airport

We always strive to refine our ensembles for every destination, be it at the airport or in the office. And while we have travelled enough to get a general idea of ​​what works and what does not at the airport, these lace-up sandals were great until we drew an impatient. You can get your hands on trendy clothes that you could wear at the airport from Berrylook uk.

If you do not want to be patted, be careful what your clothes should not be. It includes very loose clothing, cargo pants and bulky sweaters. If you plan for a holiday trip, you should go through travel companies reviews, to avoid wasting your time and money. Airport security guards have discussed what people should avoid and wear at the airport if you want to avoid stress, delays and a possible flight ban.

Scroll down to find out what not to wear at the airport and make your next travel experience much smoother.


It might sound oddly specific, but those trendy leggings with seams and inserts can blend into you after a few hours in the air, and it is not comfortable. Instead, wear simple leggings or sweatpants.

Cargo pants and shorts

Cargo pants and shorts are among the most difficult items of clothing at the airport, advises Pruitt. The different bags become a major annoyance because they almost always sound the alarm. If an officer asks you to pull everything out of your pocket, there will always be a lighter or keys in a hidden pocket that you have forgotten.

Large metal bracelets and necklaces

Large metal bracelets and chains activate the metal detector. At security, these wristbands will be removed with a screwdriver, so they become a problem. It may be advisable to put your jewellery on after screening to avoid knocking it off.

Anything offensive or inappropriate

Offensive clothing may attract attention from TSA agents, and you might not be able to travel. There are many stories of flyers banned from aeroplanes due to poor choice of wardrobes, and most of them encountered the issues after going through the screening process. Still, agents can separate you for additional verification when they see a threatening or questionable message on your tagline t-shirt. In short, if you don’t want to wear it to a family-friendly restaurant or church, don’t wear it for air travel.


Not only is it difficult for you to loosen it and get it through the scanner, but it is even more annoying for everyone behind you waiting for you to take it off. Choose pants that stay around your waist with no extra help (and we do not mean pyjamas or baggy sweats).

If your pants fall the second your belt loosens, do not wear them to the airport. You can probably imagine why. Flyers must remove the belts before going through metal detectors. So choose an outfit without a belt or at least be ready to take the belt off if you want to wear one.

Belts are not allowed by airport security as their metal buckles activate the metal detector. Even if you have a belt without a metal buckle, an agent may ask you to remove it. It is standard practice.

Gladiator sandals or shoes that are difficult to remove

The summer popular buckled gladiator sandals do not make it easy for anyone to go through security. You should wear comfy flats that are easy to put on and take off. And while we highly recommend that you look your best when you travel, it’s best to pack your heels – not wear them. Even if they feel good and look good when you get dressed, if you go through security and stumble to your gate, they probably won’t. Plus, you never know when to run to catch a flight. It is not difficult to wear anything while travelling by aeroplane. Not every outfit is worthy of wearing at the airports. We hope that now you know what is not good to wear at the airport.