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Wave Regatta’s Strong Appeal at Howth Yacht Club

The decision to reschedule Wave Regatta to September is strengthening the event. As a matter of fact, the inclusion of ICRA National Championships in Howth’s regatta is going to emphasize the plans for several racing sailors towards the end of summer.

The phased easing of the restrictions put by the Government that had been announced on 2nd May also seems to be favoring the postponement. Although large gatherings will not be allowed even in September, the sailors are looking forward to it, though a back-up plan has been made for a small fleet race in Lefkas if COVID doesn’t allow the race to happen around Ireland’s stunning coastline.

Brian Turvey, the event chairman has said that even though he hasn’t talked to Irish Sailing till now, it appears like it is going to go well. He also said the 10th August might be the date when they can all go back to sailing and racing on different-crewed boats. This will provide them with a month to refine the COVID-19 preparations. According to him, they are looking forward to attempting temperature control checks, branded face masks, checking the symptoms of the online crew.

On 2nd May, the Notice of Race was published and it talks about that the entry of ICRA Nationals also comprises the qualification of the prizes of Wave Regatta. The 3-day sailing event has been showcased as an innovative experience despite the considerations regarding the present pandemic. At Howth, the organization team has been working hard and planning creatively for every possibility.

Dave Cullens, the Racing Director has explained their focus is to be able to run a great racing regatta for several competing sailors, keelboat classes, and boats. Choosing the right date in September is important for making the most of the favorable neap tides, to avoid clashing it with other dates, and allow them time to plan out the regatta by consulting with different authorities.

It appears like the sailing sports are going to be the highest in the sports list that is going to recommence in the weeks to come. Dave said that they are ready to support the sailors with superior quality racing which Howth is popular for. Apart from the ICRA Nationals, the Wave Regatta September dates also afford many classes the chance of hosting their National Championships during the time of the year which is considered to be perfect and after a full summer of a sailing race. There are many other National Championships that are going to be incorporated including j80s, Sigma 33s, and Half Ton cup. Brian Turvey, the Chairman said that they know that many classes will find themselves in a predicament as they will have to deal with such a short season in the year 2020. Thus, they are keen on finding out if there are any natural synergies for the class championships even though it will be within the parameters of the Notice of Race. Hence Chairman Brian Turvey says that they are keen on hearing from the classes that are finding themselves in this position and where they can accommodate.