Career Opportunities

Careers in hospitality and tourism embrace the desk clerk handing you a room key at a ritzy hotel or the executive chef planning a feast for your wedding anniversary cruise. Folks deal with you as friendly as in some other African country, so be prepared to get spontaneously invited to lunch or dinner. While 5 star inns can cater to the wants of affluent visitors, small and medium vary inns and lodging homes can be found to be used by a middle class traveler.

Jadi pada intinya setiap apa yang direncanakan meskipun itu berniat positif pasti ada sisi negatif, dampak atau resikonya dalam hal ini kita sebagai pelaku ekowisata harus meminimalisir dampak-dampak yang merugikan tersebut dengan menyikapi segala sesuatunya dengan lebih teliti dan terencana.

Thousands and thousands of tourists are attracted by clear blue waters, the huge white sand beaches, the hot, dry, sunny climate and a variety of leisure … Read More

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