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Is Christmas a Good Season to get Good Flight Deals and Discounts?

One of the ideas for a happy Christmas season is to go on a vacation. However, you will need to take a flight from your location to your destination. In most countries of the world, flights are usually expensive during festive seasons. Christmas especially is a season when most people will be moving about from place to place, so the prices of tickets are very high. Here is how you can get good flight offers and flight discounts:

Book early in the morning or late in the night and do not fly direct

If you can be an early or a night owl, you have a higher chance of getting the cheapest flight deals. Flights that leave early in the morning or come back late at night have a significant difference in their ticket prices. If you cannot make it to the airport early enough, you can spend the night at the airport. However, ensure that you are spending the night at a place that is safe for you. Also, do not fly direct. Adding a small stop to your itinerary can save you some money. For instance, you can get a flight two-thirds cheaper compared to flying direct. It can also allow you to have a one-night break in another country or even avail you more time on your journey.

Check lots of different websites

To get good flight deals, it is advised that you buy flight tickets directly from the airline. However, it pays to check out other websites and aggregators before committing to any price. If you are flying long distance and you need discounts, then you should go beyond searching for cheap deals on different websites. You should start by searching for the lowest price online and then take it further by calling other travel agents and asking them if they can beat the price. The more you search, the more you get cheaper deals. For example, you can read Nustay reviews to see how they can help you with cheap accommodation deals.

Sign up for different newsletters

If you hate marketing emails, you should not sign up for airline newsletters. However, if you do not mind the promotional messages now and then, or you have an email account for such promotions, you can consider this. Most times, some airlines send offers and discounts to people on their email list as an exclusive subscriber offer. However, this does not mean that the airline will not promote their good deals to other people. But you will get the information first and be able to take advantage of it before the cheap seat offer runs out.

Book accommodation

Booking accommodation can land your flight discounts. This option is worth considering if you are serious about cutting costs on long-distance flights. What you have to do is to search on travel websites for the flights you need and take note of the price. After, search for the flights and hotel options to see if the prices would be cheaper. You can book accommodation for a tiny part of your trip, the cheapest hotel at that, but you do not have to stay there. Even something as low as a night’s stay can reduce your flight prices.

Be on the lookout for mistake fares

Out of the blue, some airlines put up the wrong fares but these fares are snapped up quickly as soon as the airline realizes their mistake. However, you can take advantage of this rare opportunity to pounce on these great deals. Airlines can publish mistake fares due to reasons such as currency conversions, human error, etc. However, you can capitalize on these mistakes and laugh to the bank. But mistake fares are not something to rely on. They are not common as you will never find them on some airlines.

Be flexible with your travel dates

One of the best ways to get good flight deals is to be flexible with your flight dates. You do not have to go home during the peak of the Christmas season if you cannot afford it. Waiting got the excitement of the season to dissipate will help you to save some money. Also, avoid flying on weekends. Try flying on a weekday when most people are busy with work. You will get flights quickly and the fares are lowermost times. However, check with different airlines before you commit to a date and a price.

Fly to the wrong airports

Playing around flying to the wrong airports can be a deal-breaker when it comes to flight prices. For instance, if you are going to Florence, you can fly to Pisa first and then take a train to Florence. This trick of flying to the wrong airport works well in places like Europe. You will also have the added advantage of sightseeing the nice view from Pisa to Florence or between the airport you flew to and the actual city you are traveling to. Here is how to go about it: take a glance through Google Maps and find a major city that is close to your travel destination. You will find that the flights going to the other city is cheaper and getting to your final stop is more affordable.

Try other transport options

Try searching for other options besides flying by air. If you are traveling within the country or going to a nearby country, you can go by train or on a road trip. This will take more time than traveling by air but will be cheaper. You also get to relax a lot on your trip and do other things that can be done on the go in your schedule. To make the trip less stressful and more enjoyable, you can use these other transport options in teams or groups.

Look for people who are ready to swap dates

Not everyone who books a flight is usually available to go on the date. Some people may experience a deliberate delay in flights due to change in plans, health issues, financial matters, wanting to stay back to catch up with someone, etc. Such a person may be willing to give you their seats on the plane at a hugely discounted price. However, you cannot bank on this as not many people will deliberately delay or cancel their flight. Go for airlines with cheaper fares too when booking your flight. If you follow all these steps, you will surely get good flight deals at Christmas.