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Enjoy Traveling Using a Private Jet

Having a private jet is expensive, even a millionaire doesn’t necessarily like it. However, the use of private jets continues to increase.

According to the latest research, the cost of owning and maintaining a private jet is very expensive and even for billionaires in the world, the average wealth of rich people in the world is around the US $ 1.5 billion

For example, the Falcon 2000DX jet is estimated to be valued at around the US $ 40 million and that price is still the purchase price in advance. The high price has led to the emergence of various purchasing alternatives, ranging from membership programs, faction ownership or purchase discount offers within a few hours (flash sale). If you want to travel using a private jet without the need to buy it you can use the services of jet charter, private jet charter, business jet charter

Today many are starting to question what Jet was created for if many commercial airlines offered the comfort of flying that was needed at a great discount.

Jet Traveler surveys super-rich people or millionaires for reasons they consider private flights to have more value. In a report released on Monday that included data from Wealth-X and private jet companies, VistaJet, several reasons were mentioned:

Maximize time

No matter whether getting A1 seats in the first class, all passengers must go through the checking process by the security. The Ultra-High Net Worth (people with assets worth more than the US $ 30 million) won’t be able to linger long in line and prefer to fly and air immediately.

Many of them consider queuing to buy tickets and book time-consuming flight schedules but flying is important so that millionaires prefer to fly on private jets especially if the destination is near.


The millionaire can be very fussy in terms of controlling or controlling something in their lives and travel is one of them. One VistaJet customer said the jet was a solution when suddenly a meeting was held. They can use their jets anytime.

Also, they also want to be able to feel comfortable when flying. Although many believe that flying in a private plane is a lifestyle requirement, the fact is that very few rich people fly while lavish and drink champagne.

Winston Chesterfield said he did not care about what was provided when flying in a private jet.