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Kratom Leaf History

In his book entitled Understanding The Miracle Power of Kratom (2018), Perry Young explained that kratom is a type of tropical plant that is widely found in Southeast Asia. Kratom belongs to the family Rubiaceae, such as coffee and gardenia, and is endemic to native Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, Papua New Guinea, and parts of Africa.

Believed to be able to reduce pain, can increase energy, eliminate opium addiction, relax, etc. Kratom leaves have been a medicinal drug for a long time. The leaves or foreigners can also call it Bali Kratom, can be directly chewed, or can be ground first and then made tea. Also, kratom leaves can be extracted into capsules, tablets, until liquid.

The historical record so far has not been able to reveal when kratom was first consumed in Indonesia. However, many studies have found evidence that kratom has been a part of the tradition in … Read More

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